We Are Moving


It is with mixed feelings that Rida and I are leaving Vancouver Island to go to Canim Lake in the Cariboo. We will be semi-retiring.
I know you are all thinking “they get snow up there”. It will definitely be a change, but Vancouver Island will always be in our hearts, we will think of you often while shovelling snow.
We came to B.C. 26 years ago with our three daughters, Melissa, Sarah and Sashia, who have all helped us immensely with starting up this business here. We’ve been on Vancouver island for 25 years and have many friends here who I know we will stay in touch with and there’s always Facebook 😁
We are putting Qualicum Trading Post up for sale, but we are keeping Ghost Bear Trading as our online store which will open soon. We will be operating from our home in Canim Lake, B.C.
We will be traveling across the country to find unique artwork and medicines which will be available through our online store.
We will be saying goodby to people we’ve met from around the world. We will surely miss all of our old friends, artists and customers who became new friends. The First Nation families who have taught us the stories and we found meaning and a way to live a life where you can become richer by giving than receiving, a lifestyle where everyone is family. We have had many good times and many memories of laughter, buying, selling, bartering, and story telling around our kitchen table. You have taught us the truth about residential schools and the 60’s scoop, we have heard many heartbreaking and heartwarming accounts and of the survival and resilience of you, our friends.
We have heard from many that Qualicum Trading Post was a place where the waters ran deeper, it was more than just a store. It was a place to learn from and about each other, a place where people would come to find a culture opposite of what they have heard, read and come to believe.
We want to thank all of our artists, carvers, painters, knitters, basket weavers, silver carvers, beaders, drum makers, cedar harvesters, medicine people, singers and story tellers. All of you from babies to elders as well as those who have passed. We thank you all.


Mac and rida

Ghost bear trading